Dogs of All Things Metal

Here at All Things Metal, one of our Core Values is Building Family – so who better to honor than our hairy family members that are the first to greet us when we come home from work every day!

Michael Wolf, General Foreman, shared this photo of his puppy, Potato. Potato loves to run with her dad, has really long ears, and her favorite toy is a plastic water bottle.

Linda Bobbitt, Estimating Leader, shared this photo of her dog. Baby. Baby is obsessed with ropes and playing tug-o-war but hates water! Baby absolutely loves her family, and her family loves her!

Pamela Halpin, Marketing Coordinator, shared this photo of her dog, Cali. Cali loves to go on walks, getting brushed, and treats! Cali can oftentimes be found hanging out with people (not dogs) at the dog park and has earned the name “Play Police” for breaking up other dogs’ fun.

Lyn Schrage, Project Coordinator, shared this photo of her dog, Mia. Some of Mia’s favorite activities include slobbering, shedding, and sleeping on the couch. Mia loves her “baby”, a bright green and blue monkey toy that she carries around but doesn’t like when Lyn gives her other dog attention!

Alec Hubbard, Document Management Specialist, shared this photo of his boxer, lab mix, Nash. Nash loves when his humans come home and give him scratches on his butt! Nash does not like the vacuum, water, and when the cat, Teddy, attacks him without a reason!

Lucas Moccia, Field Foreman, shared this photo of his boy, Trig. Trig’s favorite activity is playing fetch with his ball in the backyard! One of Trig’s most unique features is that he has one floppy ear and one ear that stands straight up!

Gary Lopez, Estimator, shared this photo of his three dogs, Rumor, Bolo, and Jax. The three of them love to play with tennis balls! While Rumor and Jax are both afraid of storms and fireworks, their brother is there to keep them safe, since Bolo isn’t afraid of anything!

Donnie White, Shop Foreman, shared this photo of his dog, Sammie. Sammie loves attention and you will most likely find him hiding underneath a blanket. His favorite toy is a stuffed duck, and he won’t ever eat his dog food unless he is treated with some human food first! It’s clear that Sammie makes the rules!

Tony Runner, Field Superintendent, shared this photo of his boy, Hank. Hank likes swimming, soccer, and eating his toys! Don’t let Hank’s size fool you, he is super friendly! One of his favorite things to do is stand in your way while you’re walking through the house!

Jeff Rock, Operations Leader, shared this photo of his dog, Sleepy Joe. Sleepy Joe is about 10 months old, and was bottle fed as a calf. Pretty soon, Sleepy Joe will give back to his family when he feeds them, as Sleepy Joe is set to be slaughtered soon!