Some Frequently Asked Questions about All Things Metal’s history, processes, and capabilities. Get to know more about us!

When was All Things Metal (ATM) Founded?

April 2002

What is your customer service record?

Consistent with our commitment to Building Iron-Strong Relationships, we have maintained a spotless record. We have never had a ROC or BBB complaint filed on our company.

Where do you work?

Our focus is in the Arizona counties of Maricopa, Yavapai and Pinal although we can service projects across the entire state.

Does ATM erect the steel it fabricates?

Our scope of work typically includes detailing, fabrication, and erection. We primarily self-perform all of the scope items, but we have strong relationships with other subcontractors that we can partner on specific jobs to meet schedules.

What about safety?

Our partnership with our PEO, CBR to enforce Risk Management, conduct safety audits, perform worksite inspections, manage pre-employment and ongoing random Drug Testing has led to a company safety culture accountable to a higher level.

Do I need to deliver paper plans for a bid?

We have our own in-house capabilities to print our own plans. Just send us the PDF version of the design drawings and we can take it from there.

What sets you apart from other steel fabrication and erection operations?

The owner, Greg MacLiver and his dynamic management team have diligently focused on building a distinct company culture of stability, integrity and team pride. Day in and day out, the positive morale of the personnel is a vital element in the superior product and service they are able to consistently achieve. The close-knit teamwork environment that he has fostered is evidenced by the fact that the company currently employs numerous sets of father and son teams. With everything from 3D steel detailing, to fabrication and erection, ATM can service the entire project as one team. The teams meet regularly to review process improvements, customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, company goals and initiatives, and to build Iron-strong comradery between the departments.

Does ATM use BIM concepts of project design and execution?

We utilize Advanced Steel 3D Modeling using Building Info Modeling (BIM) Software. We can integrate our drawings with any AutoCad product including NavisWorks, AutoCad 2016, REVIT, and Advanced Steel. This allows for us to preview the job construction for safety of installation and for clash detection between the trades.

How important does ATM view Project Management?

ATM recognizes that all successful projects were planned, managed, and executed flawlessly. For that reason, ATM puts an extremely high enfaces on each job having a dedicated PM. They will meet you at the beginning of the project to review scope and follow up with you on progress so that you are always in control of the project.

Are there any advantages or disadvantages between a bolted and a welded connections?

We prefer bolted connections in most cases, specifically for field conditions. It can be more speed and safer to bolt in lieu of welding in most cases.