Project Highlight: Sunshade Canopy in Litchfield Park

Check out this cool project All Things Metal completed in the last year – a sunshade canopy break area with a custom laser-cut design! Here in Arizona, our bright, clear skies make it the perfect place to put some fantastic custom laser-cut designs on a canopy or gazebo!

Sunshade Canopy made of Steel in Glendale Arizona Steel Erection Fabrication Phoenix Arizona
Custom Steel canopy design in Phoenix, Arizona. Designed, fabricated, and erected by All Things Metal

When the sun shines through, your design illuminates the area! This particular canopy was designed by our very own Estimating Coordinator, Pamela Halpin.

Custom Canopy design steel laser cut canopy designed by All Things Metal Phoenix Arizona
All Things Metal Estimating Coordinator, Pamela Halpin, posing with the canopy that she designed.

At All Things Metal we design, cut, fabricate, and erect the entire project. Together, we can work with whatever design you wish! Have an idea? Call us and let us make your canopy dreams come true!

In a rush? Our KorFab Team has a guaranteed fast turn around and can work with your ideas!

Field Employee of the Quarter – Ryan Dankers

Since starting with All Things Metal in 2019, Ryan has progressed from a Field Apprentice to Lead Ironworker, all the way to being ATM’s newest Field Foreman. It is the passion for his career that Ryan shows each day that is the very reason his peers elected him as the Field Employee of the Quarter.

All Things Metal Ironworker welding on top of steel canopy
Ryan Dankers welding together a canopy on a project here in Phoenix, Arizona

Here are some things that Ryan’s peers had to say about him during our Quarterly All Production Meeting:

I nominate Ryan Dankers for Field Employee of the Quarter because he has climbed the ranks very quickly and shows just how capable he is. There have been nothing but positive comments from his direct reports, and it is clear that we are lucky to have someone who is as driven to excel and advance as he is. 

Ryan Dankers is an outstanding co-worker and displays great leadership. 

He is hard working, willing to help out in anyway. Takes initiative & gets stuff done!  

He moved into foreman and is pushing forward without missing a beat. 

He is always improving  and showing his  skills as a leader and he isn’t scared to work

Given the opportunity to step up and run an install crew he has taken the initiative to be the foreman needed to make things happen.  

All Things Metal Steel Ironworker posing for photo
Ryan Dankers at an early morning quarterly meeting after just being awarded Employee of the Quarter.

It’s valued employees like Ryan who exemplifies our core values and culture that make ATM one of AZCentral’s Top 100 Best Places to Work!

All Things Metal Core Values

Here at All Things Metal, our values are what drive us each day.

Building Family (Why we do it)

All Things Metal Core Value Building Family

We build people to build steel by building our family. To us, family goes beyond just one’s blood relations. Our people here are not only employees or team members; they are our family who we take care of through empowering, engaging and executing for our people.

Our ATM family here is encouraged to spend time with their families. After all, we work to live, not live to work

We wake up paranoid because who knows what the future holds for us. We are prepared for any situation that may come our way. Much like the world around us, we know that the only constant in this volatile steel industry is change. We are prepared, we are on our toes, and we know that together, we can face anything that is thrown our way. Tomorrow’s success is not guaranteed, so we like to tighten the laces on our boots and make the best of today, all while making sure we learn from yesterday.

Afterall, the tragedy of life is not found in failure, but complacency. We don’t get comfortable after success; we focus on the potential that this company has and we sprint towards it with a healthy disregard for the status quo.

Wake Up Paranoid
(Plan what we do)

All Things Metal Core Value Wake Up Paranoid Clock image

Take the High Road
(How we do it)

All Things Metal core value Take the High Road image

We take the high road here at All Things Metal. Not explicitly stating that we’re better than all the other steel guys, but we’re definitely better than all the other steel guys.

We do not burn bridges, as our bridges have iron strong foundations. Foundations that we are constantly working on. Even when we discover that a client relationship is not the best match, we stay respectful, polite, and make sure to keep our bridges intact in the event that there may be a future relationship.

We work hard at keeping our Iron Strong Relationships, and if that means that we are going to have to go above and beyond to keep true to our promises, we sure will. While there may be no immediate payoff, we know that the quality of our work and our actions will bring us success in the long run.

Laughter is the best medicine, and who doesn’t need a little pick-me-up to get through the work week? We spend most of our time here at work, so why shouldn’t it be a pleasant experience? This is true not only in our office, but who enjoys picking up the phone to their subcontractor or vendor just to deal with someone with an attitude problem? We sure don’t, and that’s why we make sure that every time our clients call or visit us, it is always a pleasant experience.

Laughter Is The Best Medicine
(We do it with a smile)

All Things Metal core value Laughter is the Best Medicine smiley face

Rhinoceros Dedication
(We keep on doing it)

All Things Metal Core Value Rhinoceros Dedication

Finally, we storm through each day with the dedication of a rhinoceros. We believe we have a purpose here, and we won’t let anything get in our way. We are a strong force, we are the iron guys, we’re hungry, humble and smart, we don’t give up, and we don’t get walked over. We keep our eyes on our goals; to build our people up with career development for those who have ambition and passion for success, we build our city leaving our hard work and craftmanship for all to see, and do it with financial prudence.

So… it is these iron strong relationships which start internally within our company, that provide us with the opportunity to service you seamlessly. We would like to invite you to become a part of the iron strong network that we hold dear to our hearts. The iron strong relationships that we consider family.

Employee Highlight – Women in Welding

Welding and ironwork–while considered a rough and male-dominated career–requires skill and artistry to create with such precision. According to the American Welding Society, only about 5 percent of welders are women.

Here in our own little shop, we noticed women welders are oftentimes the hardest working people we have. Logan and Veronica are two of our Star-welders who have been making big waves in the All Things Metal Fabrication Shop. We decided to interview them to see what got them into welding, and why they stick around with us.

All Things Metal Woman female welder sparks grinder steel iron ironwork
20 year-old from Glendale, Arizona
Started welding when she was only 13
All Things Metal Woman Female welder sparks grinder steel iron ironwork
21 year-old from Pinckney, Michigan
Welding for 3 years

What made you apply at All Things Metal (ATM)?

Logan: I’ve seen some of the stuff that ATM has built, and it was actually my boyfriend who suggested that I apply to work here. He has always been a huge support of my welding career, especially as a welder himself.

What made you get into welding?

Veronica: I love the idea of a challenge, and I’ve never been the kind of person to want to sit in an office all day.

What would you be doing if you weren’t working as a welder?

Veronica: Well to be honest, I would still be doing welding type things like welding art or try to become a Certified Weld Inspector, which is a career goal of mine.

Logan: I would probably get into blacksmithing. I love working with fire and metal!

What are some of your hobbies outside of work?

Logan: I like to volunteer with a local bird sanctuary. Once I get a place, I want to build my own aviary for my Macaw.

Veronica: I like rollerblading. There are a lot of cool places around town with big sidewalks that are perfect for rollerblading.

What is something that makes ATM stand out from other jobs you’ve had in the past?

Logan: I’ve worked at other places that have claimed to be all about family, but in reality, they never truly acted that way. When All Things Metal says family is a core value here, they truly mean it.

We asked Mark Thomas, a seasoned All Things Metal Employee what he had to say about these two women and their work ethic.

“They are both fantastic ladies. Absolutely wonderful work. They are hardworking, and great to have in our shop.”

Jeff Rock, the Director of Operations at ATM had this to add:

“They are both fantastic and do some really great work. While we’re on the subject, out of about 20 people in the shop, Veronica is one of only 3 who took the initiative and strived to get her CJP Certification when we offered it through one of our Career Development Incentive Programs we have in the shop. She has a clear career path, and we look forward to helping her get there.”

Employee Highlight – Martin Newton, All Things Metal’s Longest Serving Employee

Martin Newton, Estimator, has been with All Things Metal since 2002. We decided to interview him to learn about more about him and what motivates him after 19 years.

What got you to join this little company after only being in business for 1 month?

I resigned from my previous iron company when my friend Greg started All Things Metal. I didn’t even think twice about joining him on this journey.

You’ve been in almost every position throughout this company. What has been your favorite & why?

My favorite position was as a welder because I was creating and accomplishing something tangible.
We started out doing residential work; people would come to me with drawings on a napkin and ask, “Can this be built?” and I did it for them.
Using my abilities and creativity, I was able to build something that most people can’t do.

You’ve stuck with ATM through all the ups and downs & never gave up. What made you believe in this company enough to stay during the rough times?

I believed in the founder of the company and knew that he would never give up on this company. I felt that staying with him would help build a company we could both be proud of.

Since our Founder, Greg MacLiver, retired back in March, Martin is now the longest serving employee in ATM’s history. When asked when he is thinking about retiring, he says we are stuck with him for at least another 7 years!

Greg MacLiver to Retire from All Things Metal After Founding the Company Nearly Two Decades Ago

In 2002, Greg MacLiver sought to make a difference after seeing issues in the steel industry. 

He envisioned a ‘no-frills’ company with a culture unlike any other in the trade. A company built on a culture of respect, honesty, and hard work. 

That’s when All Things Metal was born.  

“There has never been a year that we did not learn. I was an ironworker that had this big idea to start a business and now look at it. I was totally in over my head, and I have been learning ever since. This year was no different. This was a tough year, but we learned from it, and we are set up better.” 

All Things Metal has shown resiliency through it all. From the 2008 recession to the 2020 pandemic, we stood the test of time due to our iron-strong foundations of building relationships and sticking to our core values.  

Greg MacLiver and his Wife Wilma during their engagement

While Greg MacLiver would probably love to work here until the day he dies, it’s now time for him to enjoy his retirement and the life that he’s built for himself.  

“This spring, I am going to give a shot at retiring. Actually, I am still trying to figure out what that means. I expect that it will be a different routine every day. However, I very much enjoy steel work. I like building things, and I have a shop at home so… likely I will be out in my shop doing what I have always done.” 

Greg’s friends and family got the chance to send him off at a retirement party held right here at the ATM shop. Decorations were done by the one and only Tina MacLiver and the whole evening was spectacular. 

Group of friends and family in an outside party at all things metal fabrication shop and office to wish greg macliver a happy retirement march 2021

While we’re sad to see Greg go, we know it won’t be the last time. 

“I will not just disappear. When I leave my house, my truck will automatically just head for the shop.” 

Plaque made for Greg MacLiver from All Things Metal Components KorFab Never underestimate the difference you made and the lives you touched happy retirement greg macliver 31 march 2021 all things metal