Since starting with All Things Metal in 2019, Ryan has progressed from a Field Apprentice to Lead Ironworker, all the way to being ATM’s newest Field Foreman. It is the passion for his career that Ryan shows each day that is the very reason his peers elected him as the Field Employee of the Quarter.

All Things Metal Ironworker welding on top of steel canopy
Ryan Dankers welding together a canopy on a project here in Phoenix, Arizona

Here are some things that Ryan’s peers had to say about him during our Quarterly All Production Meeting:

I nominate Ryan Dankers for Field Employee of the Quarter because he has climbed the ranks very quickly and shows just how capable he is. There have been nothing but positive comments from his direct reports, and it is clear that we are lucky to have someone who is as driven to excel and advance as he is. 

Ryan Dankers is an outstanding co-worker and displays great leadership. 

He is hard working, willing to help out in anyway. Takes initiative & gets stuff done!  

He moved into foreman and is pushing forward without missing a beat. 

He is always improving  and showing his  skills as a leader and he isn’t scared to work

Given the opportunity to step up and run an install crew he has taken the initiative to be the foreman needed to make things happen.  

All Things Metal Steel Ironworker posing for photo
Ryan Dankers at an early morning quarterly meeting after just being awarded Employee of the Quarter.

It’s valued employees like Ryan who exemplifies our core values and culture that make ATM one of AZCentral’s Top 100 Best Places to Work!

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