Welding and ironwork–while considered a rough and male-dominated career–requires skill and artistry to create with such precision. According to the American Welding Society, only about 5 percent of welders are women.

Here in our own little shop, we noticed women welders are oftentimes the hardest working people we have. Logan and Veronica are two of our Star-welders who have been making big waves in the All Things Metal Fabrication Shop. We decided to interview them to see what got them into welding, and why they stick around with us.

All Things Metal Woman female welder sparks grinder steel iron ironwork
20 year-old from Glendale, Arizona
Started welding when she was only 13
All Things Metal Woman Female welder sparks grinder steel iron ironwork
21 year-old from Pinckney, Michigan
Welding for 3 years

What made you apply at All Things Metal (ATM)?

Logan: I’ve seen some of the stuff that ATM has built, and it was actually my boyfriend who suggested that I apply to work here. He has always been a huge support of my welding career, especially as a welder himself.

What made you get into welding?

Veronica: I love the idea of a challenge, and I’ve never been the kind of person to want to sit in an office all day.

What would you be doing if you weren’t working as a welder?

Veronica: Well to be honest, I would still be doing welding type things like welding art or try to become a Certified Weld Inspector, which is a career goal of mine.

Logan: I would probably get into blacksmithing. I love working with fire and metal!

What are some of your hobbies outside of work?

Logan: I like to volunteer with a local bird sanctuary. Once I get a place, I want to build my own aviary for my Macaw.

Veronica: I like rollerblading. There are a lot of cool places around town with big sidewalks that are perfect for rollerblading.

What is something that makes ATM stand out from other jobs you’ve had in the past?

Logan: I’ve worked at other places that have claimed to be all about family, but in reality, they never truly acted that way. When All Things Metal says family is a core value here, they truly mean it.

We asked Mark Thomas, a seasoned All Things Metal Employee what he had to say about these two women and their work ethic.

“They are both fantastic ladies. Absolutely wonderful work. They are hardworking, and great to have in our shop.”

Jeff Rock, the Director of Operations at ATM had this to add:

“They are both fantastic and do some really great work. While we’re on the subject, out of about 20 people in the shop, Veronica is one of only 3 who took the initiative and strived to get her CJP Certification when we offered it through one of our Career Development Incentive Programs we have in the shop. She has a clear career path, and we look forward to helping her get there.”

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