Martin Newton, Estimator, has been with All Things Metal since 2002. We decided to interview him to learn about more about him and what motivates him after 19 years.

What got you to join this little company after only being in business for 1 month?

I resigned from my previous iron company when my friend Greg started All Things Metal. I didn’t even think twice about joining him on this journey.

You’ve been in almost every position throughout this company. What has been your favorite & why?

My favorite position was as a welder because I was creating and accomplishing something tangible.
We started out doing residential work; people would come to me with drawings on a napkin and ask, “Can this be built?” and I did it for them.
Using my abilities and creativity, I was able to build something that most people can’t do.

You’ve stuck with ATM through all the ups and downs & never gave up. What made you believe in this company enough to stay during the rough times?

I believed in the founder of the company and knew that he would never give up on this company. I felt that staying with him would help build a company we could both be proud of.

Since our Founder, Greg MacLiver, retired back in March, Martin is now the longest serving employee in ATM’s history. When asked when he is thinking about retiring, he says we are stuck with him for at least another 7 years!

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